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Posted by classof58 on December 30, 2010

Thought I’d start a new line on wasup!! If your bucket list is getting completed , achievements accomplished, or in general happy with the luck of the draw.

In the past 6 mo. I’ve hauled a 5th wheel RV 13000 mi around the US and did the Trans Canadian hwy from Vancouver to Halifax.

While crusin the web ran across some interesting sites that need to be shared.   Tim Biggs:   Bill Geis :

Burt Kummerow :       Bruce Browne:

If you’d like to share some think , send it to me at

On the sad side got word that classmate Margret Swain has passed.       With that I’ll wish all a Happy New Year ,   Bart


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Some fun stuff

Posted by classof58 on July 7, 2010

Thought I’d start this out with a site that will bring back a memory or two. Wrote him yrs back and said thanks , he responded with a nice note. I’ll add more to this. by the way headed north up the coast to Vancover, BC then turning right for the Atlantic, got to do it to see it!!!!

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Wecome to a Garden Party

Posted by classof58 on June 28, 2010

The party has come and gone , I think a good time was had by all. About 60 + spouses attended and classes of 56-57-58 60 and 62 where there. We where honored with some Senior ,seniors. Larry Drummond’s father, Doug, our favorite coach, Merl Callow, and a suprise , thanks to George Glass bringing him Mr Bartlett from WC grammar, who can still recite “the Shooting of Dan McGrew”.
Thanks to LeRoy Carney the site was perfect with good shade trees and a short trip to the facility.Charlotte arrived with the best Bday cake, shades of the cupcake partys in G school.
A Web paper editor came and made Bernice D the WC historian .please ck out the web site.

Nancy Hawethorne is going to add her tidbits .We missed a lot of you folks.

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Remembered Pt 2

Posted by classof58 on June 11, 2010

Hi All;

Mr. van Gelderen cleared up the Nairobi Trio mystery with photo evidence. The culprits were Burt K, B Geis and E. van Gelderen. Just watched the original Nairobi Trio on You Tube and they were still wonderful! Take a look.

I did arrange the Cal Tjader concert at LLHS but I’m certain I didn’t do it alone. I was in charge of student assemblies in our senior year. One of the great things about that group was that Gene Wright was then the bass player. He was not only a great gentleman. He went on to the Dave Brubeck Quartet right after that.

My folks took me several times to the Blackhawk and, since I was underage, I had to have a soft drink with a little bamboo parasol in it. But I saw the famous Miles Davis Quintet, Cal Tjader and the wonderful Modern Jazz Quartet. Some of us arranged to interview pianist John Lewis for our school newspaper. When we got to the Blackhawk and he was actually there, we freaked out and asked him a bunch of pitiful, lame questions. It was far from our greatest hour in the presence of one of my idols.

Does anyone remember Parker Maddux in the Class of ’57? I have often wondered what happened to him.

Best to Gene (Gordo) Gordon, Dave Lavezzi and Gary Howe.

And all the best to everyone else as well,


Hi everybody,

Can’t tell you how much I enjoy the chit chat from this newfangled machine called a computer, which still drives me crazy. I’m sorry I’ll be unable to join the picnic group later this month. It sounds like it’ll be lot of fun. I do plan to be in Walnut Creek sometime during the summer but not yet sure when. I, like many of you, have wonderful memories of my high school days. Going with some trepidation the first day of ninth grade and first meeting the Parkmead kids; then there was just the settling in and getting used to different classes and teachers and all the while making new friends; first date; first hug; first kiss; first boyfriend (not necessarily in that order) and all the other firsts that came with being 14 and 15. I remember it like it was yesterday, but I don’t remember being at San Gregorio Beach. What I do remember is being at a beach that I thought was Half Moon Bay. It may have been in our junior or senior year and I remember stepping on a sea urchin and two or three people had to help me get back to the sand. Does anyone remember that, or is that like Tim–my over active imagination coupled with a twinge of senility?

I have a great picture of senior costume day somewhere and will try to find it. There were five of us dressed in pajamas. Does anyone remember if they were in the picture?

Anyway, so many memories and will chat with you later.

Sharon Brantley Moore

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Things Remembered

Posted by classof58 on June 2, 2010

As a foot note to the poster , I thought I’d enter the comments by “Our Gang”

We had the real Mel’s drive in!!  These were fun pictures.  Yes, I remember that junior sneak.  San Gregorio beach.  Lots of you!!  I also know I was one of the drips in Drop the Drip.  Kept bumping my elbows when I would get dunked.  I loved it though for some reason.  Didn’t we have the cool cars though?  and who is that scary Hunchback at senior costume day?


Thanks, Bart!!

The scary hunchback is the inimitable Ed Aweeka! I was in the homemade Drop the Drip as well. Hit the bottom a couple of times. I’m certain the safety police would ban that today.

Great pictures! Thanks as well to Bart!

Best to all,

Burt Kummerow

Just for the record, I think I should come clean.  I found out later from Mr. Aweeka himself who told me it was him. I was just playing around, instigating what I hoped would be fun here.

During the actual senior costume day, during which (oy! did I say this already!? on another message? I hope not!) Sharon Brantley’s mom rented a few flapper costumes for us.  How grand!

Anyhow, I personally continued to ask the hunchback during the day Who are you?  He really pulled it off!!


Love to all!!

During Senior Costume Day, I and two others, I do not remember who (does anyone remember?), were the Nairobi Trio (anybody remember them? Think Ernie Kovacs).

Nobody could figure out who we were.

I also offer love to all!


Hi All!

Your e-mails are sure fun!!!  After yours, Burt, I had to get out the old yearbook and try to find you on Senior Costume Day but no such luck.  I did find you near sports with (I think) Joanne Briggs.  Egad.  The guys on the golf team look like something out of “Grease”—-or did they do a great imitation of US??????  We were sooooo cool….  Love, Sharon Kracke Moore

Marylou-  Go to the picnic no matter what. I wish I could be there. But geography and finances make it impossible. So go have fun for me. We will be in CA but not til middle of July. My 70th has come and gone and it isn’t so bad. Aside from a few aches and pains I am doing great. It is fun to hear from and recognize you all from your bantering back and forth. Some things never change. I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week. love, joan blackmore wright

During Senior

Costume Day, I and two others, I do not remember who (does anyone

remember?), were the Nairobi Trio (anybody remember them? Think Ernie


Nobody could figure

out who we were.

I also offer love

to all!Burt

I knew it had to be you.  I recently asked Ed Aweeka but he says not him.  Hmmm.  My second guess would be Bill Geis but no third here.  I have been wondering this for years, apparently along with others, including the apparent instigator.

Amazing to look back and understand we had CAL TJADER come to our school and do a concert!!


Cal Tjader!  Now that was back in the days when high school kids thought jazz was cool!  That sure changed, didn’t it?  Me, Burt, Gary Howe & Gene “Gordo” Gordon had a jazz combo during senior year, and we HATED rock ‘n roll, swore it would NEVER take off.  Oh well……

Dave Lavezzi

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A Reminder June 26th

Posted by classof58 on May 26, 2010

Thought I’d do a new poster for the memories. Anyone remember this Jr sneak!

Just received this , had to post!!!

Great pictures–I even recognize myself, and many others, too.  What good times. The beach scenes are, I’m pretty sure, from a party trip to the San Gregorio beach that many of us took, toward the end of our junior year, I think.  I remember that we got stopped on the bridge (Dumbarton?) because it was a draw bridge opening up, so we (the cars in our convoy) turned our radios to the same station and danced in the other (vacant) lane till the bridge opened up.  Does anyone else remember this, or could it be a wishful figment of my over-imaginative recollection?

I have some pictures of this expedition–not sure where–but when I can find them, I’ll send them.

OTHER NEWS TO POST:  Burt Kummerow, shortly after the tragic passing of his wife Tricia, and shortly before his 70th birthday, was named Director of the Maryland Historical Society.  This is an immensely prestigious position, one that he didn’t seek;  he seems to be having fun shaking things up at a staid old institution.

Tim Biggs
ps.  I recognize Burt at the beach party!

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Winners of the CL of 58

Posted by classof58 on May 21, 2010

Darryl Sweetland sent this to me and had to put these in. Catch the winners in the girls division , Also remember dancing under the stars at a swanky affair ah the DA’s

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Tidbits from Nancy

Posted by classof58 on May 11, 2010

Nancy’s Tidbits…from Henderson, NV. May 11, 2010
Happy Birthday Class of ’58…this is our year to turn 70…some
of you have already reached this milestone while others have yet to feel
what it is like to be 70….
After the invitations were sent via email, some classmates have
changed their email providers…please send me those changes to update
our class list and keep it current
While searching for new emails I came across a classmate that is no
longer with us. Bob Staley died in August of 2008 in Ukiah, CA. If
you want to check out information on anyone, family, friends…check
this website: Family All the statistics are accurate and
come from Social Security and
I remember giving Bob Staley a ride home from one of our early class
reunions. He told me that he had been going to catholic seminary to
become a priest. He had changed his mind and moved to Ukiah, CA
and had a contruction company. He remained in Ukiah until his passing.
If anyone else can add to his legacy write something on the blog…Our
yearbook says that Bob played,” Block LL football and was on the swimming
I hope to see everyone at our 70th Birthday bash in WC on June 26th…
I have received some regrets due to calendar conficts…Lee Theuriet will be
vacationing with his wife in the south of France, Daryl Sweetland will be
in Europe, Tony and Phyllis Viola will be camp hosts again this year, Dick
Bornhold, who now goes by Natosa, will be out of town…he lives in Weed,CA
and is doing medicine wheels to help people with spirituality….
We have invited classmates from 55, 56, 57, 58, 60, 61 to join us in our
birthday celebration…hope to see your smiling 70 year old face too….
Nancy Hawthorne

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Another Loss

Posted by classof58 on May 11, 2010

Ronald Miller
|   Visit Guest Book

Ronald Glen Miller Feb. 20, 1940 ~ April 30, 2010 Resident of Walnut Creek Ron Miller went home to be with the Lord on April 30, 2010, after a five-year battle with cancer. He was a lifelong resident of Walnut Creek. He attended Walnut Creek Grammar School, graduated from Las Lomas class of 58. After high school, Ron attended Diablo Valley College and then on to Barber College. He owned Ron’s Barber Shop in Walnut Creek for several years. He went on to work as a carpenter before becoming a building contractor, retiring in 2004. Ron met his future wife, Carol, in high school. There were married in 1962 and had 48 great years together. Ron enjoyed fishing, traveling, gardening, home building projects, people and spending time with his family. Ron was a long-time member of Creekside Community Church. He served his Lord faithfully in all areas of his lire. He was a devoted husband, father and grandfather. He will be greatly missed by his wife Carol; sons Rick Miller (Tanya), Daniel Miller, Brian Roth, Matthew Miller (Corrie); four grandchildren Jason and Michael Miller and Mattie and Chesnie Miller; sister Barbara Taylor (Jerry); and many relatives and friends. A memorial service will be held on May 22, 2010, at 2pm at Creekside Community Church, 1350 Danville Blvd., Alamo, CA. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Creekside Community Church, Hospice of the East Bay or Bay Area Rescue Missio

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Mr Anthony

Posted by classof58 on April 12, 2010

Got this from Sharon K and had to add it, aboard,about,above ,across ,ETC

Hi Bart!

Guess who I just saw? Mr. Anthony with his wife and son at Scott’s in Walnut Creek! Was great fun. I stood up from our booth and saw a man behind me and it’s always a question after these fifty years. Could if be or am I just imagining? Anyhow, I asked something like, “Excuse me. Are you Mr. Anthony?” Amazingly enough, he said, “Yes” and I think he said, “Sharon”. I was introduced to his wife and son and told them what a super teacher Mr. Anthony was (even though he sent me to the office for talking). Made my day…. Since you are on my mind because of your e-mail today, you get the first scoop!!!! Still looking forward to whatever the day is in June—will tell anyone I see, write to, e-mail, or talk to……. All we have to do is bring what we want to eat or drink, right???

Go Knights!

Sharon Kracke Moore

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